GE characters app updated

Granado Espada

The application has been updated to version 1.3.1 :

-Moved the search form to the action bar
-Added server selection support (through settings)
-Added GE online support and updated to v22.19.56 (09/03/2014)
-Fixed crash at startup on HD large devices ?

sGE update will wait next maintenance to see if IAHgames will translate Cecile or not

As usual the download is done through Google Play (might take a few hours before you see the last update) here.

For the manual download : com.lectem.gecharacters.latest.apk


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Posted by DelKreuz on 09/04/2014

GE characters android app released !

Granado Espada


I'm now proud to announce I'm releasing the application to be visible to everybody on the Google Play Store !

You can download it here :

It is now updated to the very last version of Granado Espada SEA.


As usual if you find a bug or anything, just ask me !

EDIT : As some people can’t access Google Market (didn’t know it was banned in some countries) here is a direct link to the .apk (not recommended, as you will have to update it manually):


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Posted by DelKreuz on 08/19/2014

Fixed database link for special bracelets

Granado Espada

Hi there !

I fixed the link for the Special Bracelets, it was linking to the skullic bracelet.

I also added a new link for the skullic bracelets.


Thanks to Vince for reporting this issue !


PS : I'm quite happy someone reported it, it helps everybody. It is highly possible that the database might lack some links, or display wrong information. If you find something strange or have any question, please ask !

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Posted by DelKreuz on 08/09/2014

Optimize the files for speed and size

Granado Espada

Granado Espada has a very poor update system.

When an update is done, it merges the new ipf files with the old ones, and keeps the old data.

Those old data can be safely removed. Doing so has two advantages :

1 - You earn some disk space.

2 - It can improve your game loading performances.

Here is a small script that will optimize your ipf files, it is very effective for old installations. I had an installation that was made during GE v5.0, and using this script I earned about 1GB, and I saved over 450MB on a fresh install of Granado Esapda Europe !

The file : optimize

Everything you need is explained in the readme.txt file, but if you need help feel free to ask by commenting this article !

Note that the process takes quite a bit of time, so you better not launch it if you want to play right away. Windows8 users might have to disable Windows Smartscreen ( Control panel -> action center ->windows smartscreen)


For those who have problems with reading a readme...

This how you should put the files to make it work

And DO NOT FORGET to use clean-backup.bat to delete the backup files, or you will have doubled the size of your GE instead of reducing it.

I only take credits for the script.

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Posted by DelKreuz on 07/28/2014
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