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Hi guys,

Due to the fees of maintenance of the server, I just closed the contract with my web hosting service.

The website will be unavailable sooner or later ( perhaps a few days, perhaps a month ).

If anybody needs to contact me, feel free to do so through my tumblr as I still happen to visit it from time to time, and get notifications from it.

According to analytics, there are still around 2900 visitors a month, and to those I apologize for closing the website on such short notice.

I never expected the website to hold this long, but I have to say it did its job for a while ! is still a thing though, so you should still have quite a lot of information available thanks to it.

Regards - DelKreuz aka Lectem

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Posted by DelKreuz on 05/08/2016

Probably one of the last update

Granado Espada

So sGE got armonia final episode, and I updated the database. It is probably one of the last updates of the overbleed database.

The main reason is that I grew tired of GE, quitted, and that I’m kinda busy. The website will still be running until the next time I have to pay the domain name, since nobody ever cared to donate a cent.

Wish you all to have fun and good luck

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Posted by DelKreuz on 04/25/2015


Granado Espada

Both database and GE characters android app have been updated with the following versions :

-sGE v22.80.01 (02/20/2015)
-GEeu : v23.41.50 (02/20/2015)
-GEo : v22.80.01 (02/20/2015)

Please tell me if you see any problem (except for the roulettes, since I'm aware of it)

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Posted by DelKreuz on 02/20/2015

sGE update & No more roulettes for GEeu

Granado Espada

I updated sGE database, but I have bad news. I did hear about rumours saying that jGE removed the data of the roulettes from the game files, and the same thing actually happened with GEeu.

Instead of the list of the roulettes and their reward, the file now has a single word : "Sorry".

It seems IMC discovered the fact we published roulettes information...

So now what should I do ? Put some back-ups of the roulettes? Just remove the page ? Waiting for your suggestions.

At the moment sGE still has the roulettes file, but who knows for how long (it's probably linked with armonia ep4/ep5.

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Posted by DelKreuz on 02/14/2015

Database update

Granado Espada

GEeu database is now up to date, GEo and sGE will follow this week.

I didn't update the db for a long time since I was reaaaallly busy and that IMC changed a bit the format of the files so I had to create my own .ies parser... Which I finally did today.

If some are interested, here's the github repository. The code isn't really meant to be maintainable but it works for my purposes. It might be helpful if you have a doubt about some data of the game, it can export to both sql and xml.

Please don't ask if I'm planning to release the database code, it's so awful that I don't even want to take a look at it myself.

If you have any other question or would like to help me, just drop a message. Again I'm sorry but I am really too busy to keep up with the updates, and my server doesn't support cron, so no auto updates.

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Posted by DelKreuz on 02/09/2015
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