The Ustiur Farm

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Ustiur Farm

Farm manager

Guide latest updates :
  • 07/24/2014 : Updated fishing rewards (Shiny Crystal Chest)
  • 11/03/2013 : Updated Jack and Magic Bean mission
This system is misknown, and too many players underestimate it. You can earn a lot buy spending a small amount of time there, including elemental jewels, chips, etc...

The Basics

You can enter the Ustiur Farm 5 times a day. Each mission will last 30 minutes maximum. You can only use one character to enter the farm.
Talk to the Farm Manager from Ustiur, Base Camp to enter the farm.
When you enter the farm for the first time of the day, you will earn a random item. With Home Premium Service buff, you will gain 10 additional Farm Tokens.
After 30 days of attendance, you will earn 15 free Farm Tokens (check favor rate menu).

The farm menu (see picture below) can be accessed via the command CTRL+SHIFT+F or My Family Info->Farm

User Interface of the Farm

As you can see, each feature of the farm has a level. I will give a quick description of each feature. Details will be given on the next pages of the guide.
  • Plant : Plant seeds to collect vegetables (Max Lv. 11)
  • Fish Trap : You can set up fish traps to obtain Octopus Arms (Max Lv. 6)
  • Fishing : You can use the fish rod to obtain various fishes, gloves, boots and some misc items. (Max Lv. 6)
  • Weed : There are many weeds in the farm. You can take it off to obtain some items. (Max Lv.6 )
  • Hunting : You can hunt rabbits and wild monsters to obtain some meat. (Max Lv. 6)
  • Combination : You can mix items to get new ones. Recipes are in the "Mixture" tab. (Max Lv. 6)
  • Beekeeping : You can take care of honey bees! They will make delicious honey. (Max Lv. 5)
  • Dish : You can cook dishes, the same ones as Panfilo (Max Lv. 6)
  • Turret : Your farm can have a turret to "protect" your plants and pets (Max Lv. 120)
  • Tary : You can own a Tary, the little dog will guard your farm and discover hidden treasures! (Max Lv. 100)
  • Feed box : You can own two other pets, but you will have to feed them! (pet max Lv. 60)


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